Violin & Viola Lessons Exton PA
Each person comes from a unique cultural background with a different level of musical talent and experience, and each individual has a different way of perception.

Student Drawing from a wide range of experience as music teacher, violin teacher and mother with two musically accomplished children, Marianne does not just apply one specific teaching method to all her students.

Instead, her background in pedagogy and psychology enables her to see each student as an individual with specific musical learning needs.

Applying concepts from various violin methods and selecting aspects of each method for the student individually, Marianne teaches a modified Suzuki Method combined with traditional violin schools while emphasizing on ear training as well as music reading.

Thus each student can learn at the maximum of his/her musical potential. The results are a testament of the success of Marianne's way of teaching. Many of her students are well received musicians in music ensembles such as school orchestras, church groups, the Chester County Youth Orchestra, and some of her students have proceeded to college where their musical skills acquired under Marianne's teaching have earned them grants. Cat

Marianne encourages all students to be part of music groups: Music at its full extend is a mutually enjoyed and enriching cultural experience for each performer, alone or as part of an ensemble. Learning to master an instrument can pave the way to a life-long socially enjoyed activity.

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