Violin & Viola Lessons Exton PA
The student is expected to attend lessons regularly, arrive on time with the assigned work adequately prepared. Daily practice of the instrument is the determining factor of success. Marianne will be happy to advise you what is the age and skill appropriate length of daily practice.

Parent's Role
The role of the parent besides bringing the child to lessons regularly entails helping to schedule daily practice time, allowing for the adequate amount of time. The supervising and helping presence of a parent while practicing is especially critical for very young beginners. Furthermore an encouraging, nurturing atmosphere at home builds the right environment for success.

Makeup Policy
The most important point: There will be no refunds for lessons canceled by the student. This applies to planned and unplanned absences. All missed lessons can be made up at a mutually convenient time.

And here is the small print with all the details:

1. Missed lessons have to be made up within 6 weeks of the date the canceled lesson. Rescheduling should be discussed with the teacher via email, phone or, at lesson time, at the beginning of the lesson, not at the end.

2. Planned absences should be announced as early as possible, so that the teacher can offer this time slot to another student for rescheduling.

3. Other than in cases of emergency cancellations have to be announced at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations via email on the day of the lesson are not accepted. Students (or their parents) must make sure that the cancellation message has been received by the teacher.

4. Absences without giving notice or giving notice during or after the scheduled lesson time do neither entitle to rescheduling nor reimbursement.

5. Each student is entitled to two make up lessons per three month period (Sep/Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan/Feb, March/April/May, June/July/August) or equivalent to one lesson in a six week period for legitimate absences due to illness, religious observances, family emergencies or school related issues, like field trips, school concerts or rehearsals.

6. If a student misses more than the allowed amount of lessons he/ she forfeits the lesson (no make up lessons, no reimbursement). The same applies if a student misses a rescheduled lesson. This means that any given lesson can only be rescheduled once.

7. A lesson counts as a given lesson in the case that a student forgets his/her instrument, bow or study material, which makes teaching impossible, and can not be rescheduled.

8. Extenuating circumstances like prolonged illness (more than two consecutive weeks) are exempted from regular payment.

9. Planned absences, like extended weekend trips, vacations during the school year cannot be deducted from the monthly payment. Full payment for the month is expected.

10. If a student needs to take a leave of absence for an entire month or more the teacher reserves the right to give that lesson time away to another student. Lesson times cannot be held open for a month without payment. The student might have to change the lesson time after returning from the leave.

11. Inclement weather conditions: Parents are asked to call the teacher in any case if they plan to cancel the lesson due to road conditions during inclement weather conditions. If no phone call is made the teacher assumes the student will be coming for the lesson. The same lesson make up policy applies.

12. Termination of lessons is only possible for the end of the month with two weeks notice. Last minute terminations on the day of the actual lesson are not accepted. Tuition for the rest of the month will not be reimbursed. In a case a termination occurs on the first lesson of the month, half of that months tuition will be charged.

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